I*mMortal Art

Creations by Cathy Preston


Cathy Preston has worked with both the mind and art for the duration of her working life, though her interest in both has been lifelong, and the explorations began when she was a tiny child. The paradoxes of the visual, metaphorical, mind mapped and emotional, conceptual and the interweavings of all these have always intrigued her and form the basis of her creations. Much of the method and mode of her creations can be better understood by reading the 'Unconscious Art' page.

Things are rarely as they seem. The title of this website is a good example. Does it read: Immortal Art or I'm Mortal Art? That's really up to you. While this may be a play on words (and metaphors and meanings) the way our minds, language, logic, emotions, symbolism, and the interplay between them work will and does lead us in all sorts of different directions. We rarely, if ever start from a place of newness. In fact it's probably impossible unless we were to suffer from a stroke or similar, and even then the mind will attempt to map its way out following old pathways.

As with any creative who doesn't find themselves hidebound in patterns of education Cathy follows the muse of her own creativity alongside the muse of that she finds before her and with which she interacts. The less she interferes with this process the easier and better it seems to work. Gaps or pauses require the effort of working out how to fall back into the seam, the flow of that creativity. It's more about following than steering, though perhaps the two are inextricably intertwined. 

If you wish to contact me please do so at momentaria@gmail.com or in the guestbook leaving your details. I have recently been contacted by someone wishing to speak to me urgently, but without a return email. Please be aware if you post in the guestbook and would like a reply you need to give me this or I'm unable to reply. To the person who contacted me, I no longer live in the area, unfortunately. I'd be happy to speak with you on the phone if you leave me your details